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HALASINA HANNINA DOSE(Jackfruit Pancake,Pellakai tha Dose)

7/26/09, 10:59 AM
India Standard Time}

Halasina Hannu Sole(ಸೋಳೇ) is used in preparing this dosa. Dosa, as it is, is very tempting. And if it is jack fruit dosa, it is even more. I love this dosa & so does my hubby. It has a very unique taste & color. It is yellow in color. Even has a very delightful aroma to it. I prepare it on a non stick pan where as my mom prepares it on a roti maker.

As far as I've seen, amongst the people I know, who owns a roti maker, it is only mom who uses it to the core. She uses it to prepare rotis, rottis, dosas & pancakes etc., People ask her surprised as to how she manages using it multi purpose, when they can not manage cooking rotis on them.??????? That's how mummies are. Be it my mom or my mom-in law, they can prepare anything under the sun. I do understand their knowledge comes from experience. They are simply awesome.

I salute all MOTHERS for that extra ingredient they use in their cooking - which is a dash of LOVE!!!!


To Everything You Do, Just Add A Dash Of LOVE!!!!

So here's how we prepare this yellow Jack fruit Pancake, which is a very very simple procedure.


Jack Fruit - 1 big bowl, peeld & sliced to thin strands
Raw Rice - 3 cups
Salt to taste
Oil - As required


Soak the rice in water for 2 hours. Then wash it & drain the water. Now grind the rice & sliced jack fruit with very little water. Grind till you get a smooth textured batter. Now shift the batter into a vessel, add salt to taste & little water if the batter is too thick. The consistency you require is that of a normal dosa batter. Mix well.

Heat a dosa tawa or the roti maker. Once very hot just sprinkle water on the tawa & wipe it off with a cloth. This is to make the tawa suitable for the batter to be spread on. Take a ladle full of batter & pour it on the tawa & spread it with the back of the spoon.

Pour a tsp of oil around the dosa or the pancake, & let it cook, covered.

Once done on one side, just turn it over to cook the other side of the dosa.

After it is done, just remove & serve it hot with any chutney or sauce or honey.

It would also taste good, all by itself.

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    BrandiDecember 31, 2009 at 4:47 AM
    Aloha Ash, I was watching foodnetwork where they showcase restuarant owners and their specialty foods.This woman was from India and she was serving a bread that seemed to start with a dough, then she added a Dal into the center of the dough? it was yellow , then rolled it out thin and cooked it on a flat grill with oil,she used a long wooden paddle to flip it from side to side and she served them hot and it was used to pick up the meat that she served with the dish. It seemed like a consistency of a thin Mexican tortilla?, that is the only thing I could compare it to .Could you tell me what bread this is and how hard is it to make? Sorry for being so vague???
    Thanks fro your kind thoughts on my posts I sure appreciate you sharing...Aloha



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